Standard Chartered – CONNECTIONS

Shot in Virtual Production

From China to Europe, Singapore to the UAE, these sets were created using a mix of real-world cinematography and unreal-engine computer-generated backgrounds. Our technology allowed Chrome to produce over 100 video and photography assets in 5 languages and deliver a vast range of global, regional, and country-specific assets in the most cost effective and sustainable way.

Executive Producer: Mark Wilson
Producer: Hannah Lane
Producer: Cleo Hodgkinson
Senior Creative Director: Benjamin White
Director: Phil Hawkins
Director of Photography: David Meadows
1st Assistant Director: Eddie Leader
2nd Assistant Director: Sonny McMillan
3rd Assistant Director: Alex McMallister
Focus Puller: Oliver Scott
2nd AC: Oliver Taylor
Photographer: Giles Jenkyn
Photographer Assistant: Alex Poll
Gaffer: Chris Brennan
Spark: Mike Salaga
Spark: Danny Golds
Technodolly Op: Tom Ward
Technodolly Assistant: Tom Davies
Rigger: Grant Taylor
Video Operator: Frazer Hopkins
Production Designer: Miles Roberts
Props Stylist: Tess Bartlett
Props Master: Lloyd Vincent
Art Assistant: Wyndham Harris
Art Assistant: Keith Marsh
Art Assistant: Harrison Toward
Runner: Morris Pusey
Runner: Indi Graham
Costume Stylist: Tess Loe
Costume Assistant: Emma Rawnsley

Head of Post Production: Ben Turze
Editor: Matt Nettlefold
Senior Post Producer: Will Sellers
Post Producer: Anna Bolton
Head of Technology: Joel Ogden
Grade: Karol Cybulski; CHEAT
Audio: Coda Post Production

Virtual Production Company: Quite Brilliant
Founder: Russell Shaw
Managing Director: Chris Chaundler
Line Producer: Carlotta Merzari
Production Manager: Scarlett Anderson
Production Assistant: Zorica Salic

Stage: Mars Volume

Global Production Support: Dream Beach Media
Frankfurt: Tim Heisen
Shanghai: Andy He
UAE: Jack Bishop
South Africa: Falk Eggert
Hong Kong: Yogesh Gauchan, Ezac Gurung